Shake, Rattle & Roll is a music and dance program for young children and their parent or caregiver

We sing, dance, play instruments, and use original and traditional music, and music from many different cultures.  The classes are high energy and very stimulating!

From the tiniest babies to big kids, there are musical milestones at every level.

We create a welcoming and supportive musical community in each class.  Your children grow and develop musically in this warm, nurturing atmosphere.

Adults are encouraged to make music with their children.  They model the skills we’ll be working on.  Singing in tune and keeping an accurate beat are some of our goals.

We use all kinds of instruments and props in the classes: egg shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, drums, maracas, castanets, tambourines, scarves, dynabands, balls and more.

We also play instruments from other cultures, including Africa, Asia, and South America.  This enables us to make different kinds of sounds.  The children can put the rhythm in their hands, and actually feel the beat.

The music selected for each session is a mix of different rhythms and tonalities.  Children are exposed to various meters and musical styles. The music is exciting and interesting, there’s always something new.  We also use traditional music that is part of the American musical repertoire.

Each session features a new collection of songs. And every family receives a complete CD and songbook.

Dancing is a big part of our classes.  To feel the music, we must put it in our bodies.  Parents and caregivers hold babies and move around the room.  Older children dance and bop to the music on their own.

We want all of our members to move freely to the music.  There is no such thing as “two left feet”.  Everybody is a dancer.  The children carry this idea with them as they grow up.

Shake, Rattle & Roll is the most musical fun you can have with your child.  If you can’t come, send your caregiver.  Your child will love it, and you will too when you and your child hear the music at home.