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What are Parents saying about us

“My kid LOVES this class. The music (written by Susan) not only makes her happy in class but stops her complaining in the car. This is the best trick ever. If I sing it at home too, she freaks and kicks her lil’ legs in excitement. This is the best class and experience I could have asked for and it was very nice meeting new people. They are flexible about bringing someone or Having someone else bring your child which was very helpful for me. Basically they will work with you and your situation. The only drawback (if you can call it that) is that I can’t stop singing the awesome songs in my head, in the shower and when cooking. Hey are really great and I am so excited about the next semesters music!!!” – Revi’s mom

 “My 20 month old daughter looks forward to this class more than any of our other weekly activities. Each session comes with an album download of that semester’s music. Georgia now cries to get in the car to hear “Miss Susan”. children of all ages are engaged with songs that teach numbers, letters and colors. Smaller children like my daughter get to learn gestures and moves that go with each song. It is so delightful to see her repeat these throughout her day. Also, Miss Susan is outstanding and shares various toys with the children throughout the class that are fun and always spotless. Moms, try this class!!! You will fall in love.” – Georgia’s Mom