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“Hands down the best music class you’ll ever take your child to!

  Susan holds an engaging class that even toddlers and babies and sit through with ease and excitement.  I enjoy the variety of music styles that are introduced, as well as the movement/dance breaks that encourage socialization and gross motor skills.  The songs that my two year old sings in class are written by Susan, herself.  Very impressive!  What’s more impressive is that Susan writes new songs with each semester… something new and refreshing my son could look forward to as a repeat customer.

As a parent, my husband and I enjoy the sense of community.  Seeing familiar faces every week has allowed my son to step outside of his shell.  Also helping him develop into his true self is Susan’s vested interested his  learning about the music, particularly the instruments he plays with.  I can’t help but think that this class will really a catapult a life of music for him.

Words can’t explain how happy I am with Shake, Rattle & Roll Music.” – Yemisi A.

“My kid LOVES this class. The music (written by Susan) not only makes her happy in class but stops her complaining in the car. This is the best trick ever. If I sing it at home too, she freaks and kicks her lil’ legs in excitement. This is the best class and experience I could have asked for and it was very nice meeting new people. They are flexible about bringing someone or Having someone else bring your child which was very helpful for me. Basically they will work with you and your situation. The only drawback (if you can call it that) is that I can’t stop singing the awesome songs in my head, in the shower and when cooking. Hey are really great and I am so excited about the next semesters music!!!” – Revi’s mom

 “My 20 month old daughter looks forward to this class more than any of our other weekly activities. Each session comes with an album download of that semester’s music. Georgia now cries to get in the car to hear “Miss Susan”. children of all ages are engaged with songs that teach numbers, letters and colors. Smaller children like my daughter get to learn gestures and moves that go with each song. It is so delightful to see her repeat these throughout her day. Also, Miss Susan is outstanding and shares various toys with the children throughout the class that are fun and always spotless. Moms, try this class!!! You will fall in love.” – Georgia’s Mom

My toddler daughter and I love this class! The music is awesome (we listen all the time at home, too), and the class is fun. The structure — alternating sitting and standing, instruments and hand motions — is great for the little ones with short attention spans! And makes it more fun and interesting for the adults, too. We keep signing up again and again. Perri’s Mom

“Shake Rattle and Roll is an excellent music program for children of all ages and levels of activity! The original lyrics and songs are woven into our family memories as a happy time we spent together dancing and playing music. It is both serious music and seriously fun, at a high level. I am fortunate that my three children and I were a part of it.” – John’s Mom

“One of the few classes that both my 2 year old and 4 year old both truly enjoy. We love the energy of the class and the original (and traditional) music!” – Emilia’s Mom

“So much fun! My daughter loves this class. Susan is wonderful and she interacts with all the children. I definitely recommend this class if you have a little one!” – MeLisa’s Mom 

“We are finishing our second semester of Shake, Rattle, and Roll music class in Bronxville. My son, 1 and daughter, almost 3 absolutely love the class. They look forward to it every single week. We even end up listening to the music from class when driving in the car. The teacher Susan has boundless energy and creativity and knows how to successfully engage children of all ages. We are moving and it will be hard to find a music class that meets our expectations as the bar is now set so high! Definitely give the class a chance.” – Christy M.

“I’m exhausted when I get home from work!! Yet, I look forward to every Thursday after work because I get to watch my son dance, play instruments and interact with other kids. This is our third session with Shake, Rattle and Roll and my son absolutely loves it! I recommend this class to any mom, working or stay at home mom or even a nanny looking for an activity with kids!” – Beth Z.

“My kids and I love Shake Rattle and Roll!  My older daughter loved dancing, singing and playing all kinds of instruments and now my younger son cannot get enough of the music.  He wants to listen to it all the time and has a blast during the classes.  The classes are energetic, fun and the music is very diverse.  I love that my kids get exposure to all kinds of international music, learn different rhythm patterns and learn to listen for different instruments.  Both kids will point out the different instruments playing while listening to the Shake Rattle and Roll music.  We love it!” – Emily K.

What a great way to spend some fun time with your little one, exposing them to dances, music and instruments, we look forward to it always.” – Jose B.

“We love Susan and would strongly recommend others attend Shake, Rattle & Roll.” – Michaela’s Mom

“I love this program; it’s great for the kids.  They love the music.  Susan is great!” – Eli and Eleanor’s Nanny

“Jackson loves the music and asks to hear it.  He sings the songs to himself all day.  He loves going to music class.” – Jackson’s Mom

“Alyssa loves her music time with Susan.  It is great to watch the children grow and learn to participate in the songs and dances.” – Alyssa’s Mom

“Fantastic and original – my son loves it!” – James’ Mom

“I really enjoyed the music class because the songs are great and Jessie totally enjoyed and loved it.  And it was something different than other music classes.  Susan’s fun too.” – Jessie’s Au pair

“My children and I love the class and continue singing at home with Susan’s music.” – Luke and Mark’s Mom“Shake, Rattle and Roll is so much fun!  My son loves it.  The music is wonderful” – Alexander’s Mom

“The best part of Susan’s class is the original music she writes and performs.  These original songs are favorites of the kids and adults.” – AJ and Christopher’s Mom

“Max and Ella always ask to play the music in the car.  We all love to sing along.” – Max & Ella’s Mom

“Shake, Rattle & Roll has been a source of great joy for Issy.  She looks forward to singing and dancing with Susan and her new friends each week.” – Issy’s Nanny 

“The kids enjoy the class tremendously.  It is lots of fun and very entertaining.” – Charlotte & Alexandra’s Nanny

“I love the class, and all the singing and dancing.  Eileen loves the dancing.  She loves Susan.” – Eileen’s Nanny

“Great Class!  Lots of fun at the right time of day.  Susan is absolutely wonderful.  We were very happy with the class.” – Audrey’s Nanny