Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service for Shake, Rattle & Roll Class Enrollment

If an individual or someone in your immediate family has the following health concerns on the morning of our class, YOU CANNOT ATTEND CLASS:
• Any signs of illness or confirmed Covid-19
• Known exposure to anyone with signs of illness or confirmed Covid-19
• A body temperature of 100 or above

Your Shake rattle & Roll teacher reserves the right to send a child home if they are visibly sick.

If your child is unable to attend a class due to health reasons he/she can make up the class at a later date

Missed Classes and Make-Ups:

If any classes are missed, they can be made up during the current session.  A limited number of make-up spots are available in each class.  To attend a class as a make-up, the parent must notify Shake rattle & Roll in advance and receive permission.  Parents are encouraged to notify their teacher in advance if they will be absent for an upcoming class so that more make-up slots will be available for other students.

Cancellations and Refunds:

We are unable to issue refunds. Cancellations for any reason will result in a credit for the remaining classes added to your account for future use.

Medical Emergencies:

In the case of an emergency, your Shake Rattle & Roll teacher or someone at the class will call 911. We do not have medical staff available, and cannot provide emergency or other medical treatment.

Class Etiquette:

For the enjoyment of all parents, caregivers, and children, we ask that parents & caregivers follow our terms of class etiquette:

1) Please turn off your cell phones or set them to vibrate. If one needs to take an emergency call, he/she should step outside the class area with his/her child. Please don’t text or read texts during class.  Please stay off Facebook and the internet while in class.  It is impossible to simultaneously pay attention to what’s going on, the children, and one’s phone.

2) Please limit picture taking during class.  Although lots of moms and dads want their spouse or nanny to send pictures to them during a class, it is hard for the caregiver to focus on the activities and distracting to the group, when she or he is taking pictures or video.  

3) If a child becomes upset & is disrupting the class, parents/caregivers are advised to step outside the class area, comfort their child and return when their child feels better.

3) Talking among parents and/or caregivers during class is strongly discouraged so that they can focus on the child’s development.  (Talking & building community is highly encouraged before or after class.)

4) Please arrive five minutes before the class begins.

Safety Protocol

1) Parents or attending caregivers should never do anything or have their children do anything that feels unsafe or physically uncomfortable

2) Parents or attending caregivers must supervise their children at all times or designate a trusted adult to supervise their children in their absence.

3) Parents or attending caregivers are not to leave their children unattended with their teacher for any reason.

Food & Drink:

Because masks must stay on at all times, there is no eating and drinking in the rooms where the classes are held. The exception being for children under two who are being breast or bottle fed.

Personal Belongings:

Neither Shake Rattle & Roll nor the Indoor location  hosting classes is responsible for any personal belongings.


In the event of inclement weather, parents will be contacted with pertinent information via email, the Shake Rattle & Roll website, or a phone call.

Change of Information:

To protect the welfare and safety of all children, parents must notify their Shake Rattle & Roll teacher or business in writing of any change in address, telephone number, medical information, caregiver information, or emergency contact information.

Photo & Video Release:

Parent agrees to allow video and/or photos to be taken of their children and self or caregiver and gives permission for these to be used for teacher training or publicity purposes. No names will be used.  To decline permission – send an e-mail to susan@shakerattleandrollmusic.com

Shake, Rattle & Roll E-mail List:

By registering for Shake Rattle & Roll music classes, parents will automatically be added to the Shake Rattle & Roll e-mail list.  Shake Rattle & Roll will never share your email for any reason.

Liability Waiver:

The enrolling family understands that participation in these activities is at their own risk. We at Shake Rattle & Roll take all reasonable precautions to provide a safe environment. However, in the unlikely event that serious injury, illness, or even death occur, Shake Rattle & Roll, its teachers, the city or village where the event occurred, the makers and owners of all equipment and props used herein, and all other participants in these activities, will not be held at all responsible.
The enrolling family hereby relinquishes any liability whatsoever relating to their participation in these activities

Policies & Terms Agreement:

By registering for Shake Rattle & Roll classes, the enrolling family agrees to follow all policies and procedures stated above. Non-compliance with Shake Rattle & Roll’s policies and procedures may result in termination of enrollment. Shake Rattle & Roll has the right to update policies at any time.

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